Men’s Development Outreach

Vision statement

To equip men to find their true identities and to have a clear definition of “what is a man” in today’s society.

Mission statement

To provide men with a safe, confidential environment in which to explore their manhood and to provide training in interpersonal and relational skills that will equip them to live more effectively within their homes, their places of work, and in society as a whole.

men-McGregorMen today need to get their voices back, take their rightful place alongside women, and become relevant in their children’s lives. In our world today men are often isolated and dysfunctional, facing many new and confusing challenges regarding their role in their families and society, and the often ambiguous expectations placed on them. Essentially, there is a need for men to find a safe environment in which to address these challenges and to explore, validate and reconnect with their feelings.

A tremendous amount of resources is directed towards women and children, and a lot of work is carried out with this population. This is obviously an essential endeavour.

However very few resources and little time is devoted to the men in the families. The “missing father” is always a hot topic of discussion at workshops and forums, yet we see very little being addressed in this vital area.

Given the inextricable interplay between different societal problems, we believe that this neglect of men’s issues has a detrimental effect on the issues with which women and children contend. By attending to issues of masculinity and men’s relationships with their children, partners and selves through various programs, we hope to address some of the causes (not merely the symptoms) of our society’s problems.

Wild--wise-men-001Our organisation networks with other individuals and organisations working in the field of men’s development and spirituality. We are currently building a resource data-base to connect men to support structures that can offer guidance through processes of decision making and assistance in making responsible choices. We also offer support groups for men for emotional and personal development as well as training for peer counsellors.

We have been working with Correctional Officers at Pollsmoor since 2009, and have established a partnership with Andrew Murray Centre in Wellington, which publishes training materials for correctional officers.

Another organisation we have partnered with for our rural development work is Hearts of Men