Vision statement

We strive to facilitate communities in realising and utilising their values, strengths, talents and resources.

Mission statement

Food Basket for Africa (FBFA) is committed to work in partnership with communities and organisations to facilitate holistic development and effective utilisation of resources. Holistic development encompasses spiritual and social (family and life) skills and the development of technical, career, business and management skills.

Who we are

Although initially established as part of The Swartland Development Foundation (TSDF) in Malmesbury in 2009, FBFA separated from TSDF in January 2011 as requests for food tunnels extended beyond the Swartland municipality.
In our work, we collaborate with many actors and NGO’s. One of the models we utilize is Farming God’s Way (FGW), which has been delivering results in subsistence and commercial farming since 1980.

Our men’s development work is done through Men’s Fraternity, which focuses on the social and emotional counselling of men in rural areas. Men’s Fraternity works in association with Effective Living Centres, a reputable counselling organisation.

Cabbages growing in a tunnel

Cabbages growing in a tunnel

About the project

FBFA runs a number of agricultural development projects in rural areas around Southern Africa. Food tunnels (not Hydroponic) are placed in communities which adopt them and initial training for tunnel care, watering and fertilizing techniques is given.
We also work closely with organisations that purchase fresh food items (such as cabbages, cauliflowers, spinach, chillies) and use these connections to train farmers in business skills and financial profitability.

We view a project and the people involved as having three main components:
Physical – the need for livelihood and consistent income to feed families and provide necessary material resources.
Emotional – the need for family, community and healthy emotional connections between people.
Spiritual – the need to have a belief system that embeds the individual in a wider system of meaning.
We address these three areas through our vegetable tunnels and gardens, our support counselling organisation, our special interest in men’s development, and through our support of people’s chosen spiritual belief system (though we do not identify as an evangelistic outreach initiative).

Why give to Food Basket for Africa?

We believe that there are many reasons why giving to Food Basket For Africa is a most effective way for you to make a difference in poor and needy communities. Perhaps the most important is that we view traditional donations as investments into communities and the lives of individuals. We look for long term sustainability and we give a hand up, not just a hand out.
We are committed to keeping our overheads low in order to provide donors with value for their investment. We do not spend on office rentals or building maintenance costs as we share resources with our various partners.